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Aesthetic medicine started in Paris, France in the early 1970s inside the School of Endocrinology. It was first practised in Italy in 1975. Aesthetic medicine is a medical specialization that combines internal medicine and surgery. Physicians must be specialized and fully qualified to work in this field and treatments and procedures can only be carried out in a medical environment.
It aims at improving or resolve aesthetic problems that may be congenital (since birth) or present over the years, perhaps as a result of a trauma or simply with age.
Sometimes aesthetic medicine is used as a preventive method to delay the effects of ageing. This is mainly carried out on particular parts of the body, mainly the face.
Aesthetic medicine has a strong impact on a person’s psychological wellbeing, which may be compromised if he or she is unable to accept aesthetic problems, either objective or perceived. Aesthetic medicine offers solutions that may change the quality of a person’s life.


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Moreover, it also tries to promote psycho-physical wellbeing through achieving and maintaining optimal physical condition in the individual over the years through precise regimens involving lifestyle and the approach to personal hygiene.
Hence, although aesthetic medicine has some of the characteristics of corrective, regenerative and rehabilitation medicine, it is mainly applied today in terms of prevention.
In Italy, it has its own school of specialization, the Società Italiana di Medicina Estetica (SIME), but there are similar institutions all over the world.