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About us - Domuspharma

Domuspharma was born in 2011, when a specific medical class already considered nutraceutical and physiotherapy a truly established therapy. On the other hand, allopathic medicine was diffident towards natural therapies. From 2011 onwards, and in particular from 2015, the use of food supplements was not occasional anymore, but it turned into a continuative prescription, because people who are usually afraid of the side effects of traditional drugs began to prefer scientific truths.

Domuspharma follows this evolution of scientific creed, basing its strength on natural therapies.

Domuspharma is a creation of a young entrepreneur, assisted by his biologic staff, who created some natural therapies that are present in Domuspharma’s list nowadays. In 2016, Domuspharma was sold to Eidon Salus (a company in the field of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid) because the previous founder wasn’t able to manage his company on his own.

Domuspharma keeps its identity, its usiness nameb and its mark. The headquarter moved from Rome to Milan, and later new products were involved.

The team is composed of a lot of experts that decided to work together to produce innovative products in the pharmaceutical field.

The main aim is to create effective therapies, able to act on the disease causes and not just on the symptoms. Domuspharma’s idea is to involve specialists from the step of the product creation in order to share the project with the doctor’s needs: diseases with no therapies, problems of current medicines, patients’ complaints and possibility to work with already existing medicines.

Domuspharma develops an idea of therapy which may be empathic for humans, respecting their physiology without being aggressive against the human body. The main aim is to create not only effective treatments to cure people but also to be able to develop people’s life quality.